Smarts Classes

Teaching Through the latest pedagogy,is the on-going motto of the school.All the teachers are trained to teach through smart class, to make teaching enjoyable and refreshing.


The school endeavours to maintain a well equipped library. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an importatnt center for learning. School has a well-stocked library consisting of books and periodicals.

Well Equipped Laboratories

The laboratories are Equipped with sophisticated equipments to cope with the presents needs of higher education and research. We have a well Furnished Labs for chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics(NIT)

Computer Lab

The school has an excellent computer lab. At SGI we realize we can't predict the future students but we can provide the technologies that will help them shape it for themselves.

Medical Check Ups

All children of the school are subjected to regular medical check up to ensure optimum growth at all stages of childhood.A medical proffesional will monitor the students and regulate the life style such as excercise, diet, medicines and vitamins intake


For true Integrated growth to take place, our children's physical must be systematically developed. Sports facilities at our school include indoor games and outdoor sports.

School Transport

The school has its own fleet of busses. Each bus has a driver, conductor who is provided with mobile phone for the easy access of the parents along with complete saftey and security of the children.


American Field Service intercultural exchange program where students get a chance to study abroad. It is Sponsored by AFS to begin with global exploration and to gain a stronger understanding of USA- India international relations.