The three importatnt pillers in child's life are father,mother and the teacher. Each child is an individual and has needs that should be met in an atmosphere that celebrates diversity. Everyone should reach for the stars and that all achivements should be celebrated.


To be a primear professionally managed institution that provides an envirornment which nurters excellence holistic growth and prepres students for a knowledgebale society and global economy by developing lifelong learning skill.

  • Achieving academic excellence through scientifically planned curriculum and assessment program.
  • Building competencies through participation in competitions various cultural and literacy programs.
  • Aquiring keen interest in sports and appreciation of the arts through multi various activites.
  • Inculcating a spirit of social responsibility through community projects reach out programmes.
  • Creating sound self-awareness through exercise for self-analysis and goal setting.
  • Developing emotional and spiritual well-being through exposure to real life situation.